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Update a Global Field Value List

Question asked by WF7A on Sep 10, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by philmodjunk

(FileMaker Pro v17.x, Mac, local file)


There are two fields on a layout (see attached) where the field on the left side is a text field (Keyword__lxt) set up with a value list that's related to another table. On the right side is a global field (Keyword__gxt) set up with a value list of all the values chosen in the Keyword__lxt field. This way, a user can see all the values used so far in the solution in the right side of the layout; a Find script is used to find the ticked values in the right-hand side.


The problem is when you tick a value on the left side, the global field on the right doesn't update unless I move my cursor around and/or click on a field label; it takes more of those actions to update the global field after unticking the value on the left.


I tried using different Script Trigger settings, in the Keyword__lxt, field but none of them see to work to update the global field immediately after unticking/ticking a checkbox in that field. I'm guessing that a script is in order when OnObjectModify fires as a script trigger, but I don't know what to script.


TIA for your help!