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Question asked by paulwatts on Sep 12, 2018
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Here is my problem:-

I have a text field that is to be reformatted depending on the user. If Joe enters text in an unusual format, the field must accept that format. If anyone else enters text then the format should default. I'm using FMPro13.


I have tried to solve this in different ways but failed for different reasons in each case. For example, Conditional formatting on the input layout won't work as the format has to be retained with the data for use on other layouts (and, for some reason, the font and size doesn't respond anyway).


I think the best approach is to apply a calculation to the field using Manage Database and have tried the following calculation;-


Case(Get(AccountName) ≠ "Joe";TextSize(TextFont(Self;"Arial");12))


This works if Joe is not the user (i.e. the case is satisfied) However, when Joe enters text into this field (the case is not satisfied), the field doesn't accept the inputted text and the field remains blank.


Can anyone see what I should be doing to get this approach to work?


Thanks for your attention.