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Web Viewer not loading javascripts (Wexbim Viewer)

Question asked by truning on Sep 11, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by truning

Using FM Pro 16.

I am trying to integrate the Wexbim (Creating wexBIM file) viewer into my filemaker application. You can see on the webpage that it is a viewer for IFC (industrial foundation class) files, so that you can visualize and interact with the 3D model of an IFC file.

My aim is to do it via "data:text/html,", so that I can retrieve user data (like: what wall, window etc. did the user just click on?) from the FM webviewer and use it inside FM itself. (It doesn't work via webdirect as far as I know). When I open the html file locally everything works fine. The buttons are present and I can open files. However, when using the same code in FM the canvas, where the wexbim viewer should be, does not load and thus I cannot load any files. The button for opening the dialog window to load a file however is present and functional. So the problem almost definitely has to be that the javascripts for the wexbim viewer do not load.


The html code, the css file and the 11 javascripts are all saved in separate text fields. The html code has the references for the css and js files replaced by "**[name of the file]**" and they will be replaced by the content of the respective text fields in a formula field so that we get all the code in one piece.


I have seen several posts like this, where people reported that their html codes don't work and I have tried several solutions that have been proposed, like: removing all comments from the html file, putting all files in separate fields (as described above) and using different encodings for the text (encoding64).


I don't think it is a good idea to paste the whole code inside here, since it is over 14000 lines long...

I would rather ask if anyone has also tried to implement Wexbim in FM or knows any other possible solutions to my problem. Could the big size of the html code be a problem? Is it maybe something specific with the wexbim viewer itself?


Thank you very much in advance for any help