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Collect LinkedIn URLs for Contacts?

Question asked by BMyers on Sep 11, 2018

I'd like to connect to LinkedIn from FileMaker.  For each person's record in a FMP Contacts table, I want to add a field that would hold the LinkedIn profile URL.


I'll guess that the method would be something like this:

  1)   Download all of the LinkedIn URLs for a particular FMP/LinkedIn user

  2)   Parse incoming data into a new utility table with records for each person with fields for FirstName, LastName, URL

  3)   Match them to the contacts in the FMP Contacts table

  4)   Copy the URL from the LinkedIn record to the Contact's record

  5)   Show exceptions where a LinkedIn record doesn't match to a FMP record


I don't know how to do steps 1 and 2.  Steps 3 and 5 seem straightforward with a loop.  Each cycle does a search for a name plus exception handling for instances when there is more than one name match or there are no matches.


Has anyone done this, or is there a open source library out there?  It seems this would be a pretty popular need.