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Webviewer in Webdirect on FMSv17 can no longer Geolocate

Question asked by CarlSchwarz on Sep 11, 2018

I posted this issue in the product issue area, but thought I would ask here if others have had this issue and have a workaround.


In FileMaker Server v17 it is no longer possible to geolocate in the Webviewer in a Webdirect session.  I am able to do this in prior FileMaker Server versions, this still works in FileMaker server  v15 & 16 so it is not a change in the behaviour of Chrome on Android for example.


If you try to open this URL in a webviewer in webdirect it does not work: HTML5 Geolocation (GPS-only) | Mobile HTML5 test suite


Or if you try to use this simple javascript you get the "Error locating your device" message:


     function(position) {

     alert('Latitude: ' + position.coords.latitude + ', Longitude: ' + position.coords.longitude + ', Altitude: ' + position.coords.altitude);


     function () {

      alert('Error locating your device');


     {enableHighAccuracy: true}