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Find in range - empty to value

Question asked by mark-it on Sep 12, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by beverly

Dear FM community


I would like to know is there a chance to set a range of find which will include empty values.


I have:

- field with value

- two global fields in which I'm entering values for a range, for example G1 = 3 , G2 = 15


Enter find modeSet filed: My Filed with value; Global1 & "..."  & Global2

perform find

I get results, all records with values between G1 and G2.


Now's the hard part :

If I add value only in Global2, I got the range up to G2, but if G1 is empty I would like to see also fields which does not have any value. It seems like FM is omitting empty records to show me only ranges with values.

In find mode if I type "==", I got empty values, but I can't combine it with range (to enter in global fields), for example
"==" ... value


Is there any way to connect it ??


Thanks in advance for any clue.