Tracking Changes From Previous Entries in A Table

Discussion created by sccardais on Sep 12, 2018
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I have a table we use to track a series of 6 metrics for hundreds of organizations over a 30 day, Free Trial period. The table is updated daily.


The metrics show number values for 6 setup steps that need to be completed. The setup steps are similar to setting up a bookkeeping program such as Quicken.


We take daily snapshots of each organization’s progress in completing these steps. For example, one of the setup steps is creating a list of accounts. We measure the number of accounts created as of the day of the snapshot. All of the setup steps can be measured with numerical values. These snapshots are imported into a FMP table. Each record shows the unique organization id and the value of each of the 6 setup steps on the day the snapshot is taken.


Over the 30 day trial period, a single organization will have 30 separate records and, at any time, there are hundreds of organizations doing a free trial.


It’s difficult for our service reps to identify organizations that are not making progress by doing a visual comparison of so many values and records. The screenshot below illustrates the challenge on a small scale. Imagine weeding through this with as many as 30 rows per organization.



I would like to highlight organizations that are not making progress in completing the individual set up steps so our representatives can offer assistance. E.g.


  • Which organizations are not making progress on Setup step 1 OR 2, etc.
  • Which organizations are not making progress on Setup steps 1 AND 2 AND 3, etc.


Any recommendations or suggestions on how I might do this would be greatly appreciated.