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Migrate from FM10 to FM17

Question asked by gregstock on Sep 13, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2018 by Andy Hibbs

Hi Folks, this is a basic question to give me a "Heads-up" for what to expect.  We are developing an in-house application for our laboratory to track work in a service unit. It has gone OK so far but here is the rub.  We were given a FilmekerPro10 installation to develop. Now we are ready to install the database - Now the ITDivision is providing us with FileMaker 17 Pro Advanced .  Thats nice of them - but I can see a lot of possible issues such as script conversion etc

While I have built in FM in the past (FM5, dont laugh) - FM10 wasnt to bad to pick up.  Also, while my experience is mainly in building solutions but I am not a "Power developer".

Has anyone any suggestions on issues we may have in migrating/converting to FM17?

Step-1 is to convert and fix migration errors.

Step-2 is to get users to test, comment and inplement Changes as needed

Step-3 is to try to set up WebDirect to share across our 2 labs.


It would be great to have any gurus to comment with experience or what to Watch out for in the conversion?

Thanks in advance.