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Multiple Portal filters

Question asked by gregstock on Sep 13, 2018

Hi again.

In our FM10 database solution - we have many portals.  We use globals to filter them etc etc.....

In FM17 we will be able to use the inbuilt portal filter options.  But - We have a lot of data we display in portals to overview say labwork.  What I need is to have seperately sort and/or filter buttons so that users can easily filter a portal  on more than one column.  Also I would like to be able to Sort on columns.

Re Sorting : if a portal has say 5 columns of data - I would like to have 5 sort buttons eg for each column header - and suggestions on that - is this a script solution for each button?

Re Filtering : I currently use a Global to filter portals - so - lots of relationships just to handle this in FM10 - is that still the way to go or can I redesign using some FM17 Power.


Thanks again