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"Archiving" Externally stored data

Question asked by gham on Sep 13, 2018
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Still pretty new to FM here, but I'm building a pretty extensive solution for our printing company. It's been alot of fun so far and the forum has been invaluable! Not sure if I would be able to do this without it, so thank you!


Anyway, is there a good way to archive old files stored in externally stored FM containers? What I would like to do is take customer artwork that's 30 days old for example, and move it to our shared Google Drive and just keep a low-resolution thumbnail on the server (This is already generated and in a separate container).


I can accept that if we would need to access that file again, there might be a slightly manual process to get it and a delay to wait for it to download, but this would likely be 1 in 300 files or so. Not a big deal.


I can't just leave them on the server as it would fill the 1.5TB ssd's in 12-18 months, not to mention that I can't easily keep a running backup of so much data.


Is my best option to move the files to google drive and store the links in FM? If that's the case, can anyone think of a way to do this all with a script - to capture the URL of the file on Drive?



P.S. I am open to any sort of cloud or even local HDD backup, but I would really like to use google drive as we pay for it anyway and have unlimited storage. If we lost all of our 'archived' customer artwork tomorrow, business would go on. We don't create the artwork, we just print it, keeping is more of a convenience for everyone and not a critical business process. Google Drive is plenty secure for this if I can get it to work.


Thank you thank you thank you!