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Best Approach To Matching Amounts or Sum Amounts against other field?

Question asked by user28897 on Sep 13, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2018 by user28897

Hi all,


I am trying to wrap my brain around the best way to match up credits and debits.   The issue is that the credit or paid amount sometimes is a total of another field named Amount.  I first attempted using GetNth Record to Match the Amount to the previous record value for Paid out and this works fine but not quite what I am looking for.


What I want to do is have the MatchTest field display "Match" for each record where the Paid Out amount equals the sum total of a single or multiple sequential Amount value, so that all line items that do match up can be filtered out with a find omit MatchTest = "Match".


This way I can quickly catch if something is not adding up.


Would setting a variable like $paid = if (Type = "Payout" ; Paid Out; "") be the way to start?

Then some sort of loop to do the math on the next Nth number of records till the next time Type = "Payout"?


Any help getting me started in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!