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Video's in Containers - Streaming issues

Question asked by AppGuy on Sep 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2018 by AppGuy

We have developed a training database that has a container field for us to put our training videos.  Our training video's are between 10-15 minutes long which means the file size is about 200mb-250mb in size ( since it is in 720p for desktops.). We have 100MB Fiber Internet connection, so bandwidth is not the issue. Our server hardware is a beefy 32GB, dual Xeon server... not a server hardware issue.  I am on FileMaker Server 17.



     Here is the issue, when internally (LAN) the videos start to play within a few seconds.   When externally, they take about 3-5 minutes before they even begin to play. I have tested the remote connect and it comes in around 50mb.. so the remote external connection is good..


     I also put a web viewer as a test on a layout and pulled in a Vimeo and YouTube video and it started within a second or two.   There seems to be an issue with Filemaker, including Go and WebDirect.  I can reproduce this every time.  Is there a work around for this or another way of streaming videos more efficiently externally?