Adding a new record using a sized window

Discussion created by brbsqrd on Sep 13, 2018
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I'm having a problem when using a separate Window to open child records from a parent window.


My main Layout is the parent record with a Portal displaying the child records on this parent form.


Instead of using the default window when I click on a highlighted record to edit one of my child records I created a

New Window. This window, I named it “Stays” is my (Layout) for the child records.  It is a “Dialog” Style window

and opens as a smaller floating window in front of my main parent window Layout form. I use the following script to

call the child layout form.


# This script is called when I click on a highlighted record from my table list portal

Go to Related Record [ Show only related records ; From table:  = “Stays” ; Using layout: “Mac Stays Form” (Stays) ;

New window ]


I can click on a highlighted record which opens the form. I can edit the record without any problems.

The Window Options for the New Window have the "Close" and "Resize" check boxes activated. The above

works just fine.


The problem I’m running into is when I add a new record from my main Parent window.


I have a Button on the Parent form, It’s a “New Record” button for the portal child records. When I click the New Record

button it opens the New Window “Stays Form” Layout as expected.


# this script is called when I click on the “New Record” button.

New Window [ Style: Dialog ; Name: “STAYS” ; Using layout: “Mac Stays Form” (Stays) ; Height: 555 ; Width: 590 ;

Top: 100 ; Left 500 ]


I’m presented with the form and all blank fields as expected. I can fill in the fields with new data as expected. When I’m

done I click on the small red “X” at the upper left corner of the window and the window closes putting me back to my

main parent form. It does add a new child record but you can’t see it, In other words it doesn’t display the new record

in the Portal of child records on the main parent form. The only way I can get it to display the new record is to move

to another parent record, then when I move back to the same record the new child record I added shows up as it should.


I hope I explained this clearly enough, in any case I’m at a loss.  What’s happening and can someone explain how to

make it show when it should.


I'm new to FileMaker, but I'm learning and this Community forum sure helps.


Bob Bowers