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Create a portal with categories

Question asked by Stigge on Sep 14, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2018 by Johan Hedman

Hi all..


Dont even know if this is possible or not. thats why am asking you filemaker gurus =)


What am trying to create is a portal with categories. shown as below as an example.


Date today

     event 1

     event 2

Next day of an event

     event 3

Next day of an event

     event 4

     event 5



Now to my tables.

     - Events      (Event name, date, start time, end time and type)

     - Main         (Only global variables to show stuff like list the events)

     - Members   (name and other member fields)


I can ofcouse sort by date, and almost get the same. but i would like to get the grafical layout to work.. somehow.. :/ just dont know how to start and how to build it. :/

Also events that have already passed in date/time not showing.

I dont know if it is important or not. but this is to be used on a phone. so am working with a small layout. (never done that before so i dont know yet how relavent it is..)



Super thank you for all your inputs..