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Rest API Licensing

Question asked by MickCrozier on Sep 14, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2018 by Brian Hamm

Hi Kids.

I've been reacking my brain through document after odocument trying to work this one out.


When using the rest api to connect to FMS does this consume a connection?


If I have a web front end for occasional users - a lot of them! Who will often access the system for a brief period.


Use case:

We have a 10 User licence. Which is consumed by managers and other full time staff using FMPA and FMGo.

But I would like for up to 20 casual staff to fill out a timesheet on their own devices at the end of a shift. Many users would access the system at the end of the day, but this is all they could do.

Ideally, they could log in with their own credentials, be presented with their current timesheet and continue to fill it out.


When using rest api to do this can these casual's be named users? provided they can not  access the system using any of the clients or web direct?

Or would I still need to purchase 20 concurrent licenses?


The core of my question: How are Rest API connections measured against the license? I know the GB's per user etc etc. But does it count as a user connection, a concurrent connection, or other??