Room Assignment Diagram

Discussion created by smredinger on Sep 14, 2018
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I am managing a 70+ person event and need to assign them room numbers. I'd like to create a visual display that would show me where each person is rooming.  Each house has 4 rooms in it (e.g. 1A, 1B, 1C and 1D).  Each A room has 3 beds, Each B room has 2 beds, each C room has 2 beds and each D room has 3 beds.


I have a table (Participants) in which I have assigned them a house number and room number (and another field that combines them for a RoomAssignment).  I have another table (Housing) with a record for each room that includes the house number, room number, Room Assignment (house number & room number) and the number of beds.  The records in Participants and the records in Housing are related through the Room Assignment field.


I have a layout called Housing Diagram which has a visual representation of the 10 houses being used.  I'd like to display the names of each person in a slot in their room as opposed to a report/list.


I've tried portals filtered for the criteria but that only works for the records in the first search.  I was then thinking I'd create another table with all 70 fields in it and have only one record which I could probably figure out some script to populate the fields with based on the Participant table, but that seems really unwieldy.


I've seen posts asking about seating charts, etc. but haven't really seen a working solution yet.  Can anyone tell me if this is something reasonable to accomplish in FM and if so how?