Secure Container storage and duplicate records

Discussion created by mike13a on Sep 14, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2018 by TobiasLiebhartKoschierSE

So I stumbled across something that seems to be a potential bug with relation to stored external containers(secure)

As you know, when you select that choice in storage, you do not have the ability to change anything about the path. (Relative to:  [hosted location]/ filename/)


I have a database that has a "job" table and a "Documents" table.

the documents table is related via the primary key of the Job table.


I have a process that can duplicate a job and all the documents with it. (Reassigning the new Job Id as the foreign key in the documents table)


So if I started with Job A and 3 related documents, I dupe that job and get Job B with 3 related documents.

The document table now contains 6 records and each record contains a document in the container field.


I now delete Job A and the 3 documents related to Job A via a script.


I now have 1 record in the Job table (B) and three records in the documents table all pointing to Job B.

The problem is, the containers are now empty.

It somehow knows they were the same document and just creates some sort of soft link to the container data.

When you delete the document record, it ignores the soft link, and deletes the container data.

Does anyone else agree that is a bug?  Does anyone know of a way to make that not happen?