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Question asked by rkutcher on Sep 14, 2018
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Our company does a lot of field work on iPads.  We send reports to customers from the iPads.  Reports are generally made up of a PDF from the Report table and a PDF from the Photo table.  Unfortunately the iPad can not append a PDF so we currently have to send the customers a Report email followed by a Photos email.  Not elegant but it works.


I'm trying to develop a script that runs on my server that will append the Photo PDF to the Report PDF.  I have the script written that generates the PDF but that PDF now lives on the server in the variable file $path.


I have been reading about PSOS and as I understand it when I initiate the script on the iPad the script halts and waits for the server to complete the task.  I'm confused as to how I retrieve the PDF from the server and attach it to an email on my iPad so I can actually send the email.  Is this possible, and if so, can someone give me a few hints as to how to script that retrieval.