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Help on Solution Design Structure

Question asked by brad9 on Sep 15, 2018
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Hey All,


I posted some previously about a solution to some surveys I am working on.  As a background I am a Missionary serving in Mexico City and the church I work with operates a community center.  We do various surveys within the church and the community and I am looking to make a solution to input the surveys from a hardcopy at this point to store them and make various reports and comparisons from the data.


In reviewing the previous posts this is the structure that seems to be the most prevalent and useful. 




I have a couple of questions:

1.  Pros and Cons to this type of Solution Structure.

2.  From this structure, which Table do I actually have the Layout to Enter each individual/Different Survey?

3.  Depending on answer to above question, is it better to enter the data (responses), via a portal or in a List View Layout and which Table should the Layout be on and then with the Related Portals or List of Data?  My question from this is, based on the Layout Structure above, I want to first Identify the Type (Community Survey, Individual Church Member Survey, Church Health Survey), Location (names of various communities we do community surveys in, church members name which will eventually be linked to overall database, and Church name) and Date of the survey.

4.  From all this then, I can generate reports for each community with comparisons to other communities and with themselves, track changes in individuals surveys and also various church surveys.


I know this is a lot and the plan is that this solution will be a seperate solution that will be linked to an overall solution that I am creating.  Again, at this point all surveys are paper and I will be inputing them into the database and generate the reports. 


Thank you in advance.