Moving between portal rows with script

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I’m using FM 16. In a layout based on PRO__Professionals, I have a portal that displays health professionals names. Clicking on a line of the portal takes me to a layout that displays the history of that professional (all consultations, tests and other interactions).

Once on that layout, I’d like to be able to move from the history of one professional to the history of another without having to go back to the initial portal to pick a new name.

Here is the script I have written for this:

Go to Layout ["Professionals" (PRO__Professionals); Animation:None]

Go to Portal Row [Select:On; First]

Set Variable [$name; Value: pro__PRO__Professionals::NameTitle]

Go to Layout ["History" (CON__Consultations); Animation:None]

Set Field [CON__Consultations::NameTitleHistory; $name]

Refresh Window [Flush cached join results]


Executing this script of course always displays the first professional from the initial portal. But I have no idea what to add to it so that it moves from the first professional in the PRO__Professional portal to the second, the third, etc., and backward.

Could someone explain what changes I need in my script.

Thank You.