Find using a portal and global (checkbox'd) field

Discussion created by WF7A on Sep 16, 2018
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Per the attached, a user can tick checkboxes in a global field in the right pane as criteria to be used in a Find used for finding values stored in a child table, represented by the portal on the left pane; they then choose the type of find in the radio-button'd global field at bottom.


The  part I'm stumped on is setting up an exact Find where the Find finds only parent table record that has an exact match to the ticked checkbox values. What makes it difficult is that users can tick the checkboxes in any order so they appear in the global field unsorted.


I suspect the solution is two-fold: I need to somehow combine all the child table record values into one parent record calculated field (or variable) in alpha-ascending order and do the same with the values in the checkbox global field. That way, with two separate fields/variables sorted in alpha-ascending order, I can use the Find operator, ==, to compare the two to find the parent record(s) that meet(s) the criteria. ...or I may completely wrong and there's an easier/better way of accomplishing this.


TIA for your help!