Security, structure and file size for multiple clients

Discussion created by djwhite on Sep 16, 2018
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Brief Background

I have been using FileMaker for 5+ years since FM12 and have created multiple solutions for use by Engineers / Manufacturing at the company I work for.

A couple of years ago, I moved all of the files across to a single "multi-app" solution, which upon opening, presents the user with the 'Main Dashboard'. This enables them to navigate to the required app to complete whatever task is required.

A huge amount of work has been done to get it this far and everyone seems happy enough with the result.


FM Dashboard.PNG

The Challenge

Due to product re-location, the site is now going through a process of redundancies and I have now taken the decision to 'go it alone' and create solutions for other companies. This will mean multiple clients at multiple sites, with multiple users, so a complete rethink with regards to security, structure and file sizes.


My current thoughts are:

  • I will need to split the apps into separate entities as each 'client' will have differing requirements depending upon the industry that they are in
  • Create copies of the separate apps for each of the clients to:
    • Allow for personalisation / company branding etc
    • Enable greater security
    • Maintenance / updates will only affect the intended company
    • Smaller file sizes (many apps will contain photos, pdf's, videos, etc...)
    • Enhanced performance
  • Create a landing page similar to the screenshot above and only have the apps that the client has a license for



  • Do I really need to split everything or can I ensure that each company can ONLY see their data / layouts using FileMaker's inbuilt security ?
  • Should I consider using the same layouts for all customers, but separate their data (data separation model) ?
  • I intend to host all of this using AWS, but should I consider hosting myself ?
  • If using AWS, can I use one instance of AWS for ALL clients ?
  • The intention is for the clients to use FileMaker Go and WebDirect, but will I be able to navigate between the landing page and the separate apps and maintain security ?


There will probably be many more questions, but any help would be greatly appreciated.