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Extracting field data from 1 record to create multiple records

Question asked by derlandson on Sep 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2018 by derlandson

Working with FM Pro Advanced 16.  I have a csv file that contains data from a registration process where each row is for a unique person, but the row might contain multiple cells of registration data (all in the same row) like course numbers that need to get extracted out into multiple FM records where each record has the name of the person, their ID, and then only 1 single instance of a course number.  Some rows in the csv will have multiple course numbers and others will contain a single number. The csv might be something like

NameCourse 1Course 2Course 3


I want this to become a total of 6 records in FM

Peter  001

Peter  002

Peter 003

Paul  004

Mary  005

Mary  006


I have a layout in FM where I have imported all of the raw data from the csv and gotten the appropriate info to should up in other related layouts, but am having trouble coming up with a solution to create the multiple records from a single row of the csv or creating multiple records from the single record in the layout containing the raw data.


any help is appreciated,  thanks.