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Showing US date format instead of Aus date format

Question asked by mukai on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by pfroelicher

Hi everyone,


A seemingly simple thing but I am wrestling with it. Please see screenshots attached. The filename of each screenshot denotes where the screenshot was taken. I live in Sydney Australia and have client locally. My trouble is one of the reports I *save record as PDF* using PSOS on the server and the date format turns out to be USA format. It works properly on my (client side) Mac. So I am suspecting something isn't configured correctly on the Windows Server.


As you can probably see in the screenshots, I have used Inspector to configure the date format as the Aus one. I also believe I have changed the settings on the Windows correctly (also restarted the server couple times every time I changed a date setting). Not sure what else I can tweak or configure.


I am running version 17 FileMaker to date (Server and Pro). Any pointer is appreciated.