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ODBC Confusion

Question asked by TKnTexas55 on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by TKnTexas55

I am still confused with FileMaker connecting to my accounting SQL tables.  In a new file I created a local table.  Then in the Relationship graph, I created the 6 table occurrences that I need to get the data to analyze.  I did a query of the data (GL transactions) and I got the correct results (not always the case when I use Crystal Reports).  The linked fields all populated correctly.  I wrote a couple scripts to Export temp results to Excel and pull back into a stand alone table.  This was twice as fast of going from an ODBC table to the FileMaker Table, I suppose for the number of additional fields that I do not need.


I copied the file to the Accounting Managers computer.  When he opens it, he is prompted for his password which gives him full-access the same as mine.  But then he is prompted for the user-name and password of the ODBC connection.  I double checked Manage-External Data Sources.  The user-name and password are in the information.  I double checked in Administrative Tools to make sure there was an ODBC connection defined in the System Tab, there was.


Nothing was working.  I opened a New File.  Through Manage-External Data Sources I set up a connection.  I was able to make the first two table occurrences for the GLTran and GLNum.  And all is fine. 


My boss needs to finish the analyses of the inventory account.  So I am going to recreate everything when he goes home at 5pm.  But I do not understand.  The file works for me on my machine.  My ODBC connections are defined exactly the same as his.  I cloned the file on my machine, to create a new analysis but on prior year history transactions.  But if I can not copy the file to his machine and it works, I am spending my wheels.


The FileMaker file is local connecting to the networked accounting files.  Nothing is on our FMS.  We are using FMP17.  Any suggestions will be tremendously appreciated.