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How to solve a send e-mail via smtp problem as psos on FM Cloud ("the host's capacity was exceeded")?

Question asked by user30598 on Sep 17, 2018
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I came across a situation that is driving me N U T S (!):

I want to call the smtp_send function via a psos script step.


For debugging reasons the script has a very limited functionality:
1. set the variables for the smtp mail (all hard coded text variables)
2. BE smtp server
3. BE smtp send


When I run this script on my local machine (mac) it performs as expected, however, when I call this script via the psos script step I get the message:
"The host's capacity was exceeded, try again later."


I have BEplugin (4.0.2) installed on FMCloud and on my local machine.
All other BE functions (I have tried) work fine with the psos script step.
Software is up to date and the latest updates are installed.

After the installation of the plugin the fm cloud instance has been refreshed the AWS instance rebooted.


What am I missing? It would be great, if somebody could help.