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Generating QR code on a record, for material ordering

Question asked by redfish_matt on Sep 18, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by beverly

I need to be able to generate a QR code in each record of a database I have created. Each record represents one item we reorder with frequency, has all the necessary information (order quantity, price, SKU, vendor, vendor order method, etc). We keep a printed page of each record sitting WITH the actual material out on the factory floor. We use an iPad or Android tablet to snap a pic of the order sheet and email it to the vendor. I need to improve this because sometimes we send stuff to the wrong vendor, or the file attachment gets corrupted/lost. A QR code that would generate a basic text email would solve all this.


Most of my vendors accept orders by email. I want to place a field on the Layout (to be printed when we print the record).


I need the QR code to be formatted in an email format, pulling the necessary information from the other fields within that record. Basically it will need to be all the text in that record (SKU, price, etc) and pull the email address that it will be sent to from the record (each record has vendor email address on it).


I can find QR code generators  for free that do this and it works GREAT, but it will take me WEEKS to manually enter all that text, copy the QR code, and paste it into a field.


I'm hoping Filemaker has a way of generating this email-style QR code pulling all the data from the other fields of that record..... and also update that QR code every time we make a change.

Here is a screencap of what a sheet looks like, QR code area set aside, circled in red.