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FileMaker this action cannot be performed because the required table is missing

Question asked by DonClark on Sep 18, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2018 by DonClark

In have a single file database running on an AWS Win 2012 Server with FMS  It's been working fine for years.  Now one (and only one) Mac client cannot use the db because of this error:


"FileMaker this action cannot be performed because the required table is missing"


The user was on the system this morning, logged off, and had the problem logging in a couple of hours later.  System had not been modified in any way (no updates, etc).


This is an old Macbook from 2011 running OS X El Capitan 10.11.


I can log into the same db (as can others) from other computers in other locations using FMP and FMPA with the same credentials and with admin creds. I can log onto other db's without trouble from her computer, just not the one.  All are running the laters version of FMP 16.


I searched the archives here and found similar issues without any resolution except one, and that solution did not apply here.


We restarted the computer.  I have not re-installed FMP as it says the serial number is not correct (it's the same serial number used to install after upgrading 6 months ago or so).


The database also opens and runs fine on an iPad.


I'm out of ideas at the moment, except trying a different installer and then, if necessary, a different license key.