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Convert CSV to JSON

Question asked by shadow0429 on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by OllyGroves

How do I convert a CSV text to JSON?  I have a CSV list created using the ExecuteSQL function and I need to be able to parse out all of the data. This data is based on our invoice table so it is pulling the invoice number and the various values for each invoice. I need to extract out of this a list of all of the invoice numbers and summarize all of the Amounts Owed, Amount Paid, etc. Because it takes a long time just to run the initial ExecuteSQL script, I do not want to have to keep calling it over and over to extract the various details individually. If I could find an easy way to parse out the data from the variable the ExecuteSQL script is giving me, it would be much faster and allow me to make a much quicker report.


I tried but nobody has developed a formula to do this yet. Any ideas?