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Plugin Install On Mac

Question asked by silveria on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2018 by wimdecorte

I am trying to Install a plugin called Base Elements on a users Mac Machine.


I am very unfamiliar with Mac as I only use windows machines. According the FM documentation one way of doing it is to add the plugin to a container field and to install it with the script step. This works with no issues on windows. The plugin file you download for windows is only 1 file so that is the file I insert into the container, so its easy.


The file you download for mac has multiple files so what file to I insert into the container so that it can be installed?


Folders and Files in the download


Contents > Mac Os (Folder), Resources (Folder), info.plist, PkgInfo

Mac Os > BaseElements (File) (Tried this does not work)

Resources > en.Lproj, BEProgressDialog.nib

en.Lproj > BaseElements.Strings, BEPluginVersion.strings


Is the alternative to just install it manually? as the FM documentation states you can copy the plugin into a specific file on the mac but again do I just copy the folder 'contents' in there?


Feels like I am missing something very simple.