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How to make public a filemaker solution?

Question asked by lilwey on Sep 19, 2018
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I have a solution mounted on FileMaker Server 17, which depends 100% on MS SQL Server; actually we access through WebDirect an Filemaker Go, in both cases typing local address, for example:

  • Webdirect: IPSERVER/fmi/webd
  • Filemaker Go: SERVERNAME to watch all the solutions there

So, what I want is type, for example, in Webdirect, something like http://www.mysolution,com and access to the solution; I research a few and I'm really confused, the only way to do what I want is using the API with PHP? Or what is the best alternative/solution?.


Technical info:

The server is installed on Windows Server 2016, I work on remote desktop through RDP.

The db that I use is MS SQL Server 2008.