Filemaker Server 17 questions

Discussion created by alternapop on Sep 19, 2018
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I installed Filemaker Server 17 for the first time this week.


I see in the manual that we can disable the automatic nightly backup with the command, "fmsadmin disable schedule 1". Can you confirm that this setting is retained on server restarts? Even after running this command and rebooting, the text under the Backup section still shows this incorrect text. (I have a custom schedule that runs at a different time and only retains 4.) Seems like a bug to me if so...



Backups run once a day as shown in Next Backup. Seven backups are stored before automatic deletion begins...


I know that we can't remove the default database folder directory, which would be a nice option, and can only add an additional directory. This is less than ideal... I don't want users to have the ability to upload to that folder.  However, the Volume Status chart on the Dashboard home page only shows the C: drive, which we don't use for databases, and ignores my additional directory on a different drive.


I see that Groups are also missing from v17. Is there any sort of workaround to give a database developer access to only their directory/databases?