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Unsorted Calculation Field Save into another Field - No Script?

Question asked by georgedrohan on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by georgedrohan

Can a Unsorted Calculation Field be saved into  Another Field without Scripting,  It seems I can not save that Valve another Field just using Calculation Functions (=$$XXX), and several other common "WorkArounds"  within the same Record.

When that first record is saved the next record will contain the Previous Global Field, not the Current. The  Field accepting the value of the Unsorted Calculation on the Current Layout doesn't accept a Refreshing Global Value on the Layout.


I have written a Calculation using a "Let" function and have Defined a Global Variable, "$$Original" for a Container that Contains an Image. Basically an Image is placed in a Container Field.  That Container Field saves the Original Image name into a Global Field before renaming the Image. That Original Image name should be saved into that record   for future Reference.


I am able to view the Original Image name on the Layout, using  Merge "<<$$Original>>"  and also within another Field that is Unsorted, "Do Not Store Calculation Results - Recalculate when needed". These Two Fields Update each time a new Image is placed into the Container. Of Course these are "Global" and I would like to have the Result save local to the Record after Committing Record to Save


Keep in mind I would like to do this all via Calculations, not Scripting.

I realize that  "Set Field" and "Replace Field" in a Script does work. The other workaround  technique, to Refresh, using a  combining a Global Field with another blank Field, or  an  IF statement, will not work in this case.


So, sorry if I'm Confusing.  I've tried what I thought was a lot of different options and tests, and tried to read as much on topic as possible. Not seeing the Solution to this issue, or work around.