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Dynamic Checkbox Filters with Value List

Question asked by mystyle0909 on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hello Guys,


I am implementing the dynamic filtering functions. Here is what I use for filtering a field:

1. Checkbox filter with trigger to filter. Filter selection field is a global field. Filter script is using Constrain Found Set.

2. Checkbox value is using a value list which use values from value field itself. The value field is a drop-down list which means users can input custom values or pick from existing values.

3. Current script to filter is limited to the value I pre-set. E.g., I set variable $V1 for value 1, $V2 for value 2 and $V3 for value 3. And let Constrain Found filter those variables.

Once users add new value to the value field, the checkbox filter will show new value, but will not filter that out. Any way to change the filter script to implement the filter to all the values including new values?


I am not sure if I explain it clearly, here I use an example:

Like Amazon searching shoes, you will find Nike, Adidas, Asics on the left hand side filter section, because they are in the search results. You can select the checkbox to see a specific brand.

What I want to do is if I add a new product in database with new brand Under Armour, I can still make the checkbox filter work without doing anything. Currently what I have can only show new brand, but not filters out that.


It would be very appreciated if anyone can help.


PS, checkbox doesn't have scroll bar. So it cannot contain too many custom values.