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Can I use Unix/Linux-style symbolic home path in Insert File

Question asked by pm125 on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by steve_ssh

As I continue to construct ever more successful (thanks to help from this forum) scripts that use Unix shell commands to process video files, I am now here:


- A Unix (Mac Terminal) command (actually, the wonderful piece of software mediainfo) dumps its output to a temporary file called mediainfooutput.txt

- I'd like to import this file's content into Filemaker for processing

- I am using the Insert File script, and I am (predictably, perhaps)  stumped by FM's path rules

- The following works:


- I'd like to make the script independent of the computer it's running on, and so I'd like to use the symbolic Unix path for home, i.e. ~/. The following, though, does not work:



Is it possible to specify a home folder in the Insert File script step?

If not, can I specify this path as a URL?


(for what it's worth, the database is served, but I am running the script on client machines, not server-side)