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Validation script with error message

Question asked by zac_scobell on Sep 20, 2018
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I am currently building an app to collect tree data in the field. this data consists of loads of measurements taken all throughout the year. Currently I am entering data into a portal which Is sorted on an "growth uid number" and the portal is located in a tab setup which is sorted by "row number" and "Tree number". 3 filters...


I was wondering how I would go about writing a script that..

-     when an entry is put into the portal fields, it checks the previous entry on that particular tree

-     if the measurement is less than the previous entry it will prompt the user with a message saying that its less than the previous entry.


Do I have to write a new script for every field I want to do this to?


I am fairly new to filemaker and im learning as I go so feel free to send me some links to useful tips or other discussions.


I look forward to hearing from you!!