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Where is SMTP email script step executed?

Question asked by on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by beverly

For the last year we have been running FileMaker Server + web direct server (on two different servers). In a few script we have been using the send smtp script step, which sadly has been plagued by intermittent problems when sending through are office 365 server.


Now we are trying to set up a dedicated smtp server but run in to a problem which should be solvable, but where I could appreciate some help on where to start looking:


The thing is that the send mail script works when accessing it through a browser/web direct, but doesn't when run with FileMaker Pro.


So, my question then is where the smtp connection is actually made, is it directly from the web-direct server, or does web-direct pass it along to FM server, which then connects to the SMTP server, and is this different from when run in FM Pro, does it connect to the SMTP server on it's own, or does it (too?) connect through the FM server.


In summary, what is it that causes different results, one working, the other one not?


Your thoughts and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!