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Migration tool and External storage

Question asked by henry37 on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by henry37

The documentation on the data migration tool states:


Note:The FileMaker data migration tool doesn't migrate container data that is stored externally. Make sure the new migrated target file is in the same location as the source file.


So let's say:

  1. I close the file on FileMaker Server. 
  2. I copy the database file (but not the folder with external storage) to another folder on the server. 
  3. I then transfer that file to another computer (a remote desktop on AWS) where I use the Migration tool to import the data into a clone. 
  4. I now transfer this migrated file back to the server.
  5. How do I put this migrated file in place of the old file?



If I delete it via FileMaker server, it will also send the container data to the "Removed" folder.  On the other hand I was under the impression that you should not deleted a closed file via the file explorer.  So how does one replace the old file with the new one without having the container data move?