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FM Data API: Download excel file from a container issue

Question asked by lizbogan on Sep 21, 2018
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I uploaded an Excel file into a container field and I am using the FileMaker data API to download the container. I get the following url below for download in the Data API JSON response packet.


However when it triggers a download, the file is downloaded as a zip file on to my machine and the file does not open as an Excel file unless I change the extension manually.


Is this an expected behavior or a bug?  Is there something we need to do in FileMaker in order to get the the above url to trigger as an Excel download without having to manually change the extension.


It does work for a PDF but not for an Excel file.  Notice that there's a ".pdf" extension in the url below, but we don't find an ".xlsx" extension in the url above.


Thank you and any help on this would be appreciated!!!!