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How to force a calculation between tables when unstored

Question asked by jared944 on Sep 20, 2018
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I have 3 related tables - Measurements, Evaluations and Standards. For each Measurement records there are multiple related Evaluations that compare the measurement to a normative database of numbers and assesses if it is a Pass or Fail.


Measurement       Evaluation      Standards


3                             "Pass"                   2 - 4

                               "Fail"                     4 - 5      

                               "Pass"                   1 - 5


My working database is a bit more complicated than this but it is essentially the same idea. I want to include a calculation field in my Measurement table that would tell me if the value is an overall pass and the pass rate. From the previous example, I want a field that would say "Pass" and another one that would say "66%" Since 2/3 were Pass.

I'm running into difficulty because the Pass/Fail calcs are unstored because they reference related table information. I'm setting up a table relationship and a calc that would count the total records that would only count pass values v/s the total records using a global "Pass" field.


Measurement             Evaluation

Measurment ID    -     Measurment FK

g_"Pass"              -     "Pass"

Count(PK ID)


Does anyone have a workaround for this or possibly a better/more functional relationship?