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Gmail SMTP and SSL/TLS with Base Elements Plugin

Question asked by texas0478 on Sep 21, 2018
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I know I am a lamer, but can't figure out the proper config to send  a message from my gmail (actually G-suite) account with SSL/TLS using the Base Element Plugin.


My try:


set variable [ $SendMessage ;

BE_SMTPServer ( ""; 587 ; "";"mypassword" ) &

BE_CurlSetOption ( "BE_CURLOPT_FORCE_STARTTLS" ; True ) &

BE_SMTPSend ( "My Name <>" ; "<Recipient's name >" ; "subject" ; "lorem ipsum")



GMail server's fuzzy answer is citing a website with the proper SMTP port settings, but it does not push me any further.


What am I doing wrong?  (SSL resolution @ port 465 is also welcome).

Thanks for your help.