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High Traffic Website using fms17 Data API causing slow speed

Question asked by wrheger1992 on Sep 21, 2018
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I recently completed a new project for a client in collaboration with a local web developer that displays event data from our database to the website for visitors to register against. A couple weeks have gone by since launch and the site is seeing a lot of traffic.  The data we're displaying is right on the home screen, meaning the plugin the developer created that 1. creates an api session, 2. gets active website events, and 3. logs out of the session is being called immediately on that first page. When reviewing the data api log file, this is occurring over 1000 times a day causing what I'm to believe another new error users connected via FMP are seeing. We're randomly getting a "Finding Records" dialog that pretty much bricks the user's computer until it finishes.

I've reviewed the Top-Call stats log and am seeing it taking a log time to find records for a few portals I have in a dashboard. The relationship between the occurrence the dashboard is based on (preferences) and the portal data it's displaying is SUPER simple and it should not be causing the perform find dialog to occur. I've never had this issue in a file before.


Thoughts on the amount of data api calls to the server causing the bottleneck? Both client and web connection all seem to grind to a screeching halt when the "Finding Records" dialog occurs. Again, the TOG relationships are really simple. No funny tricks being used.