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privileges error

Question asked by apw on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by apw

I recently updated FMP from version 10 to 16: unfortunately just before version 17. Anyway, all my old programmes are working fine, with one exception.



--From FMP programme cd-song an Applescript is executed, trying to obtain the value of the variable ${cd-song}::bestandspad, which variable is known within cd-song



--Execute AppleScript: Native Applescript...



set url_path to cell  "bestandspad" of current record   --result: privileges error

--(alternative line:) set url_path to cell  of "bestandspad" of current record  --result: no admission to variable allowed


display dialog "url_path=" &url_path






Any suggestions?








set tekst to ""


delay 0.5

tell application "System Events" to set  visible of proces Quick Time Player 7" to false


tell "Quick Time Player 7"

  get URL url_path

  if not exists document 1

  then set tekst to "next"

  else play document 1

  end if

end tell