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Change ButtonBar button color on hover

Question asked by gregstock on Sep 22, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2018 by beverly

Hi Folks, I have finally converted my FM10 database to FM17 and am working through everything.  Most things have gone well.  Frustrating that all old buttons are grouped now and if I try to ungroup - then buttons loose stuff.

I have managed to "move them out of the way and am building Buttonbars instead and updating their triggers from the old ones - its gonna be a long job - Ive a lot of layouts.....

But Im hitting a snag.  I have managed to format my buttonbar woth nice rounded corners etc etc.

But Im struggling with how to apply a hover color.  If I select just the BB the inspector shows "Normal".

If I select a Segmant - it shows Inactive with the same color as the original fill.  If I doubleclick it shows only the Inactive color - no other options.  What am I missing to get a hover color as i believe it can be done?

I had a test BB and it did have color change on hover but I didnt save the style

Thanks for input