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Connecting to FEDEX over SOAP

Question asked by solusequitem on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by fmpdude

I have been tasked with trying to connect our Filemaker 16 database to Fedex via their API. The trouble is that the more I study the documentation out there...the more confused I get. I have successfully integrated our database with Shipstation already using their API options so I have some idea of what I am trying to do as far as making an API call. There I pull orders and shipment information down using JSON and parse it out into separate records. It was difficult to get my head around, but I finally figured it out a couple months ago(a certain amount of blind luck was involved), thanks to these forums and a ton of other reading.


But now this Fedex API stuff is really puzzling me. All I need it to do is send a query with a tracking number and get the result back.


Anybody have any advice on the best way to do this?


Here is what I have learned so far/think I have learned:


I should probably use SOAP, but Filemaker has limited support for SOAP outside of plugins, but Fedex seems to pretty much require SOAP to be used(although there is some reference to just using a POST command, making sure to secure it with a 128 bit SSL). 


I need to do something with WSDL, and I'm very confused as to what. Is this something that I need to store somewhere to access and pass along with my query?


I will get XML back from my InsertFromURL command, not JSON. WHich is fine, I can format XML and grab what I need.


Any advice or tips on how to proceed would be much appreciated