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How to format curl options into filemaker 17

Question asked by vindauga on Sep 23, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by vindauga

Hi folks,

Another great day for a question lol

I'm trying to wrap my head around integration of mollie payment system into a filemaker solution.

I understand many things, but also many things which I don't comprehend. Yet at least.


I understand how you create payments with their API in postman and get the desired results.

Something I don't understand is how to format the curl options from the POST request into filemakers

Insert from URL curl option.


I took this snippet from the example files from mollie:

curl -X POST \

  -H "Authorization: Bearer test_dHar4XY7LxsDOtmnkVtjNVWXLSlXsM" \

  -d "amount[currency]=EUR" \

  -d "amount[value]=10.00" \

  -d "description=Order #12345" \

  -d "redirectUrl=" \

  -d "webhookUrl=" \

  -d "metadata={\"order_id\": \"12345\"}"

How would one translate that into the curl options for Filemaker?

Anyone who can give me a plain English explaination on that.

I'm not much of a coder so not to much code terms would help me a great deal.

I'm scouting for hours in manuals now, but it's something I just don't understand.


Thanks a lot.

Your help and input is much valued.