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Question asked by jbp on Sep 24, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by edwardlscott

I am trying to have a field within a table copy into a different field in the a different table when a button is pushed.


I have created a button called "Borrow" in "Library Books" table. Within "Library Books" there is a field for title, author, edition, and other information. With a script "Borrow" opens "Check Out" table and creates a new record. I am trying to copy the title, author, and edition from the record in "Library Books" that the button was pushed. The problem I am having revolves around the fact I have the same book with the same author in multiple editions.


I have relationships between all relevant fields within tables, but the relationships do not operate the way I had intended. I am more familiar coding in MatLab so I applied that knowledge, and I tried coding a display function using an If statement, but FileMaker Pro does not have a "display" function.


I do have a portal that will let people know if a book was taken out and when it is due back within "Library Books." My next step is to create IDs for each book and try to relate the fields using that method. Before I do that, is there another method I should try?