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Multiple Many to Many relationships

Question asked by kjmadmin on Sep 24, 2018
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Hi, I'm relatively new to FM and have been working on my database for several months now, my database is set up to track student clients applying to colleges. I had everything working until I didn't. My situation is this; I have several many-to-many relations that need to be joined, but can't figure out the correct join without affecting other records. Each student has multiple schools on their college list and for each school, the student may be applying early action, regular decision etc. I can't seem to find the correct dynamic to link the application type to the student without affecting other records. Any suggestions would be appreciated! I currently have tables for Clients and Colleges and a join table to connect those, I have tried using an additional table called ApplicationType, but can't get it to work. I am using a portal on my client page showing the school choices (up to 15) and school details. This is where I would ultimately like to show the application type.

Example: 2 students with a common school and different application types.

Johnny      University of Miami    Regular Decision

                  Rutgers University     Early Action

                  Boston University      Regular Decision


Megan      University of Miami     Early Action

                 Montclair University    Early Decision