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Good Morning All,


I have a small delima going on.  I am working on a Production Tracking Database with Inventory controls.


I have the Production Tracking sending information to my inventory control correct;y.  Where I am running into issues is when it comes to Allocated Inventory.

Sample Job Log.jpg

The above image shows the totals of the paper needed for this print job. but when i carry these totals over to the inventory records for said type of paper.  it only sees the total of the top line, even tho the inventory for the second sees the type being used.

in the picture below, you will see where my issues is

A) is the total allocated for type of paper. should be the total of all rows in B.

B) is the individual total per job.

As you can see that the total allocated is get its total from the first line in the job tracking (20/50 White) and not from 67 Canary portal row


Paper Inventory.jpg

Any help would be great.