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PDF in container not accessible off site.

Question asked by ErichWetzel on Sep 24, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2018 by ErichWetzel

FileMaker Server running on MacOS 10.13.5 FileMaker Pro Advanced on generally current Macs and current MacOS. All settings and SSL certificates associated with FMS are operating as expected.


Recently we noticed a problem with accessing PDFs in a container field (sized to show 1 page of a document) when the container is set for "Optimize for Interactive content (PDF, MP3, etc)." No changes have been made to the network or the  Layout in question for a couple of years because it has been working great.


The following is only an issue when using FileMaker Pro (build indicated above):


When on a computer inside our network (multiple subnets and across site-to-site VPNs) accesses the page in question the PDF is available and can be scrolled through the various pages as needed and as expected.


We do use WebDirect, but we have to connect to the network via VPN to use it because we are a small company with 1 public IP address and Port 80 forwards to our web site. In this situation the PDFs are available as expected.


When traffic is run through our firewall to our FileMaker Server we are now getting an error like we see from a web server indicating "Not Found. The requested URL /Streaming_SSL/Additional-1/longstringofcharacters was not found on this server. Apache Server at Port 80." Screen shot below. Importantly NO changes have been made to the network, Layout, or Field in question. I am thinking that this is an internal issue with FMS and FMPA.


Workaround 1 is to connect to the network via VPN and we get access to the PDF content as expected. This solution is not needed from a security standpoint because the FileMaker client indicates proper use of SSL certificate so we should have satisfactory encryption. This solution is annoying to users because they have to take multiple steps to connect to the VPN, authenticate through the VPN, and then do the usual login with our FileMaker solution.


Workaround 2 is to set the container to "Optimize for images JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc)". The error does not occur and there is no issue showing the first page of the PDFs using this setting. However, we cannot access the other pages of a document. For that we need to download the PDFs from the database onto the client computer in order to look at pages 2 and onward in the PDF. The time involved and possible sensitivity of documents on a users computer is a security problem.


Any ideas?


Thanks - Erich